Well, now this is almost completely off topic. There are a few webcomics out there I really enjoy. Most of the ones I enjoy have to do with programming, so it’s sorta on topic 🙂

One of my favorites is xkcd.com, check out this one, it nicely sums up what it’s like to work for business.

This one had me laughing:


The Quality Reduced Product

I have to thank a fellow blogster, Miles Ashton for his article on The Quality Reduced Product. I had wanted to do a post on this topic for a while now but I think his sums my thoughts up quite well. Definitely some of my latest favourite quotes on his site:

“[quality] concessions are extremely painful to developers as their self-esteem and enjoyment are undermined by the necessity of building a product of clearly lower quality than they are capable of. An early casualty of quality reduction is whatever team identification the group has been able to build.”

“Developers want to build software that not only works, but is maintainable; something they can take pride in. This is not in-line with product development’s goals, which are for developers to build software that works, and nothing more.

The first thing to go when time is tight is quality and maintainability. Being forced to build crap is one of the worst things you can do to a craftsman. Delivering a project on-time but knowing it’s a piece of crap feels a heck of a lot like failure to someone who takes pride in what they build.”

Well done Miles, well done.

Random sites

I always seem to find some of the most interesting sites after I post to this blog. For example I just stumbled across
Phmadala’s Weblog today while writing my bit on dynamically created controls. So I’ve decided to create this post where I plan to post links to any other developers sites that seem interesting.

My list:
Phmadala’s Weblog
John’s Adventures
Miles Ashton
Open source graphing for .net: http://zedgraph.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page