Excellent website – catacombae. Find Duplicate files on your computer, get your DiskUsage, etc

I just found an excellent website, www.catacombae.org, on it Eric posts a few different useful utilities and the code is open source. I have used three of his utilities and they work great, the three I’ve used are:

1) DiskUsageAnalyzer
I used to use FolderSize for this, unfortunately Microsoft made a change in Windows 7 that no longer allows extending explorer in a way that allows this add-on to work. /shake fist @ MS. This utility works quite well, it’s great if your disk is getting full and you don’t know where all the space is being used. IMO this is a utility that should be built into windows.

2) FindDuplicates
This is actually an idea I wanted to write for ages, managing all those family photos and backups is a pain (we tend to copy photos we want to get printed to a temp to print folder, and then promptly forget about them). Unfortunately this app shows errors as they occur meaning it stops processing on every error. You’d think this wouldn’t be a issue, but in practice there are lots of reasons for this process to fail on files (locked files, permissions). It would be great if it would just build a list of errors and continue processing instead of making me click ‘Ok’ over, and over, and over. Great app for the price though!

3) HFSExplorer
HFSExplorer is a great little utility for reading Mac based hard drives on a PC. Works great. Though I’m told that Windows 7 will read HFS disks so this utility seems to only be useful on pre Windows 7 machines.

Thanks for the great utilities Erik!

  1. #1 by Olivesoft on December 7, 2011 - 10:09 am

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