Calculating PI, ASin, ACos in VB (VBScript, Excel, Word, Access)

I was recently surprised when I found out a number of numerical functions don’t exist in Access. Granted I believe they do exist in Excel, and probably word, but if you’re doing any coding you may find this useful anyway. Here is the code to accomplish all three:

'Code thanks to
'Feel free to use, change and re-distribute the code you find on my site,
'all I ask is you leave these these comments intact!
Public Function PI() As Double
    PI = 4 * Atn(1)
End Function

Public Function ASin(val As Double) As Double
    ASin = 2 * Atn(val / (1 + Sqr(1 - (val * val))))
End Function

Public Function ACos(val As Double) As Double
    ACos = PI / 2 - ASin(val)
End Function

If you’re wondering, Atn() IS built into Access, so these functions should work as is, they do for me!

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