Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010

Note that the latest Crystal reports version is no longer in beta, this is a good video to help you get past the bumps of installing and getting it to work for the first time in .Net 2010:

You can ignore the instructions on how to get the download from their site as a couple of the steps are wrong (their site has changed since the video was made).
As of March 2012 get Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Download here
As of (June 22, 2011) it was available here (Still a useful page, especially if the new link goes dead. You know it will) Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Download here.

These are the same links:
Download Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010
Complete Package (EXE)
Click Once
Merge Modules
Redist Installation (32 bit)
Redist Installation (64 bit)

Well it seems the good people at Crystal have been dragging their feet a bit in releasing a new version for Visual Studio 2010.  I recently downloaded the beta version of Crystal for Visual Studio 2010, if you’re interested you can get it here:

I installed it on my machine and was having some good success, that is until I tried to run it the first time.  It seems there is a bug in it that requires this attribute be added to your app.config / web.config file:
<startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy=”true”>

Which has something to do with a change Microsoft made in .Net ver 4.0 that Crystal failed to handle before their release.

So after that one little hiccup I completed development of my project and all was well, which I thought wasn’t too bad for a beta version of software, that is, until I tried to deploy my change.

It seems the Crystal runtime has bloated a bit, it’s now 1gig+ and takes forever to install (over an hour on my clients’ machine).  Finally I had it and my app installed I then went to run my new app annnnddd.. crash.  Dang it.  It turns out that the beta version of the Crystal install does not support being installed on a machine that already has a previous version of Crystal on it, no matter what version.

So I tried uninstalling versions, re-installing versions, uninstalling versions on my machine, re-installing only the 2010 version and re-building.  No matter what I tried I could not get my report to run on my clients machine.

At this point I have no idea what the issue was, whether I was deploying it wrong, if the runtime installer for Crystal is broken, or if it’s something else entirely, but at this point if you’re interested in trying out Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportViewer I highly recommend it!

Ultimately I wound up using Microsoft’s Reporting engine, which I have to say was a delight to work with.  It has its own little oddities, but the first time I ran it, the FIRST time, it worked like a charm.

Thanks MS, sorry Crystal, you just lost a customer.

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