BlackBerry and QNX Neutrino

I just read an interesting article today about the future direction of BlackBerry.  It seems on their latest device, the PlayBook, which is set to be available for purchase ‘early next year’, is using a new operating system.  This seems like a curious decision to me, they just finished completely upgrading their OS and releasing a new development platform, did it not live up to expectations RIM?  I’m honestly a bit shocked that they would introduce such a major shift in technology at this point, it makes me wonder if BlackBerry will even be around in a couple years.  If they can’t get developers on board this device and quickly I think they’re going to have a very difficult job competing with Apple.

In any case, I digress.  The new OS is written by a company called QNX (which is owned by RIM), the OS is called Neutrino, which I could of swore I’d heard of before now but I can’t place it.  If you’re interested in trying Neutrino out QNX has a doc on how to install their OS and write an app here:

QNX’s main site:

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