ICO Files – add a image to your application

I developed a great n-tiered application for my customer recently.  I put the webservices on their IIS server and ran my client showing how they could get data using click once installation and not have to manage the resources at all.

It was pretty awesome, I was proud of it and expected my client to be wowed.  Guess what their first comment was?
Them: “That icon is no good”
Me: “Uh, yeah, it’s just a demo app”
Them: “Can you fix that?  Oh, and the project name is no good either”
Me: “Yeah, again, demo app.  I’ll change those things for sure.  So, how do you like click once?”

So, I thought this was pretty amusing.  After that meeting I went out to get him an icon suitable to a business app and I found this site:
It’s a great resource with thousands of icons!  I’m sure you’ll find it a great resource on your next project.

Oh, and if you were wondering which icon I picked, I recommend the Tie Fighter.  Nothing says scheduling like a Tie Fighter 🙂

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