Ctrl – Alt – Delete in Remote Desktop

I keep forgetting the key combination for Ctrl – Alt – Del in Remote Desktop, thanks to online-tech-tips.com for being the latest place I’ve found this info.  The key combination is:
Ctrl – Alt – End

Here are a bunch more you may like:
Alt + Page Up
– Switch between programs (Alt + Tab is the local command)
Ctrl + Alt + Esc
– Display the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc is the local command)
Alt + Home
– Brings up the Start menu on the remote computer
Ctrl + Alt + (+) Plus/ (-) Minus
– Minus takes a snapshot of the active window and plus takes a snapshot of the entire remote desktop window.

I found these tips on online-tech-tips.com here: (though their display the task manager combination is wrong, should be Esc, not End)

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